Jazz Internet Packages 2019 – New Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages

Jazz Internet packages 2019. Get subscription codes of latest daily, weekly and monthly 3G+4G internet packages on Jazz sim.

Jazz is one of the largest and the most trusted networks in Pakistan. Serving up to 55 million subscribers nationwide. In 1994, the network was formerly introduced in Pakistan with the trade name of ’Mobilink’. Later on, it changed into Jazz and became the most promising network of the country.

Jazz is known for its up to the mark services and facilities which the network provides to its users. Daily packages are important for two reasons 1) It costs less as compared to other packages 2) It fulfills the requirement of that particular time without costing much.

Jazz brings some exciting daily bundles with less prices and more satisfaction. It is known for its incredible combination of offers in which, on affordable prices. Today we talk about Jazz Internet Packages 2019.

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Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Package No.Package NameSubscribeUn-SubscribeFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
1.Jazz Free FacebookUnlimited1 DayRs.0
2.Jazz Daily SMS Plus Package2001 DayRs.5.98
3.Jazz Daily SMS Package5001 DayRs. 5.98
4.jazz Daily Social Recursive1800101 DayRs. 7.2
5.Jazz Day Bundle150 + 1000 mints201 DayRs.10
6.Jazz Apna Shehar Buundle (Selected Cities)1500 + 1000 mints1001 DayRs.10
7.Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For Khi Only)1500 + 1000 mints1001 DayRs.10
8.LBC KPK (Selected Cities)1500 + 1000 mints1001 DayRss.10
19.Jazz Daily Browser Offer501 DayRs.11.5
10.Jazz Har Din Package50+500 On-net mints1 DayRs.22
11.Jazz Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)1001 DayRs.24

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Package No.Package NameSubscribeUn-SubscribeFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
1.Jazz 4G Sim offer
2.Jazz weekly SMS Offerr
3.Jazz Weekly Browser offer

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Package No.Package NameSubscribeStatus CheckFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
1.Jazz MBB Loyalty offer *117*8*2# *117*8*2# 50,00030 DaysRs.0
2.Jazz Bundle Plus Offer3,000 30 Days Rs.0
3.Jazz Sim lagao Offer3,0001500 30 Days Rs.0.06
4.Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS Bundle12,0005,000 (Whatsapp) 30 Days Rs.70
5.Jazz Monthly Browser package2500 30 Days Rs. 390
6.Jazz Monthly 3G/4G Package3,000 30 Days Rs. 520
7.Jazz supreme hybrid package (SCO)1,000 + Mints100 30 Days 30 Days Rs.594
8.Jazz Monthly Mega Offer4200 30 Days Rs.596
9. Jazz Monthly Hybrid Offer1,000 + Mints1,000 30 Days Rs.600
10. Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer 2,000 + Mints2,000 30 Days Rs.765
11.Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer4,000 + Mints8,000 30 Days Rs. 897
12.Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer12,00030 DaysRs.999
13.Jazz Super 4G welcome Back offer*117*70# *117*70*2# 50,00030 DaysRs.1000
14.Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only *117*73# *117*73*2# 60,00030 DaysRs. 1500
15.Monthly Internet Heavy – Device Only *117*74# *117*74*2#150,00030 DaysRs. 2500

Jazz Packages are mainly popular due to it’s Call and SMS bundles. It has regained a lot of its customers with its “SIM Lagao offer”, you can get 50 Jazz+Warid minutes, 3000 SMS and 1500 MBs internet (except from 9pm to 1am) for 60 days.

The New SIM offer is attracting many new customers. Now by buying a new SIM, you can get 700 Jazz+Warid minutes (except 6pm to 10pm), 700 SMS and 700 MBs (except 9pm to 1am) for a week. Jazz is also offering new startups special offers to setup a more connective environment to bolster their growth.

  • Jazz Call Packages
  • Jazz SMS Packages
  • Jazz New Sim Package
  • Jazz Sim Lgao Offer

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