How to Set Auto Reply in WhatsApp Android Without Root

How to Set Auto Reply in WhatsApp Android Without Root. Hey There in this article I’ll show you how to Enable Auto Reply in WhatsApp without Root.

If you ask me, I’d say that WhatsApp is almost perfect. This app which started out as a simple instant messaging app has changed with time and has imbibed all the essential features. Now, not only can you send images in their original resolutions but you can also send live locations to your buddies. Cool, right? 

But, as I said before, WhatsApp is an almost perfect app. It still doesn’t let you schedule messages and, more importantly, it still has to up its game when it comes to setting up auto replies.

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So in this article we see how to set/Turn on Auto Reply in WhatsApp without Rooting your android phone.

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Set/Turn-on Auto Reply in WhatsApp

Step 1: Install WhatsAuto from Google Play Store.

WhatsAuto Reply app Screen shot
WhatsAuto Reply app from Play Store

Step 2: Turn-On Auto Reply Button.

Step 3: Click on the Pencil icon

WhatsApp Auto Reply Screen Shot (1)
Pencil Icon

Step 4: Now Edit the existing text with your own words, You want to send when someone text you on WhatsApp.

If you want to add more Rules, for Example (“HiYour Auto-ReplyHi There”How are you” our Auto-Reply “I’m Fine what about You” ). So if you want this type of replies then Read this article till the end.

Step 5: Go to the Message icon in the same row (2nd row).

Step 6: Now you see Custom reply option is turned off. You need to turn it on.

Step 7: Now click on Plus/Add/+ button the from the bottom of the screen.

Step 8: (Incoming Keyword) Type the message you receive from your friends.

Step 9: (Reply Message) Type your Auto-Reply text.

Video Tutorial on How to Turn on WhatsApp Auto Reply

Now when someone send a message on your WhatsApp, Your WhatsApp reply automatic with the text you add.

So this is how to Enable or Set Auto Reply in WhatsApp. If you like my article please write a Review on

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