Windows Cannot be Installed to This Disk Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style

Here you can find reasons and full solutions to fix the issue “Windows Cannot be Installed to This Disk Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style” Try these methods when you fail to install Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or other versions due to this error.

When you try to install Windows 7/8/8.1/10 on your computer. The Windows Set up might report “Windows Cannot be Installed to This Disk Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style”. This is one of the common errors occur during Windows installation.

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Causes of “The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style”

MBR and GPT are two formats of the hard disk. MBR stands for Master Boot Record, and GPT stands for GUID Partition Table. It is the traditional partition structure to manage disk partitions. It is widely used by a majority of users due to its compatibility with most systems.

GPT partition style is a newer standard for disk partitioning, which defines partition structure by GUID. It is part of the UEFI standard, which means the UEFI-based system should be installed on a GPT disk. 

Boot Windows from GPT, you should do two things. First, make sure your PC is booted in UEFI mode. Second, make sure that the motherboard of the device supports UEFI. If not, it is better to use MBR to boot from.

So, when you get “The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style” error in Windows 10/8/7 or other previous Windows versions, please first check if your PC is booted in UEFI mode. If no, please do it.

Steps to boot into UEFI mode:

Step 1: Reboot PC and enter BIOS.

Step 2: Enable UEFI boot > Save settings and exit BIOS.

Step 3: Continue to install Windows.

And if yes, it might suggest that your hard drive is not configured for UEFI mode. Here you have two choices to fix the issue.

Solution: Wipe hard drive and convert to MBR using Diskpart.

Step 1:  Press keys Shift + F10 when you see the “The selected disk is of the GPT partition style” error during system installation, which opens Command Prompt.

Step 2:  Type diskpart in the command prompt and press Enter.

Step 3:  Type command list disk and press Enter, which lists all disks connected to your computer.

Step 4:  Type select disk # and press Enter. Replace # with the disk number representing the hard disk which is of GPT partition style.

Step 5:  Type clean and press Enter. This command deleted all partitions and data from the selected disk.

Step 6:  Type convert mbr and press Enter. This command convert disk to MBR format. You can exit Command Prompt when you see “DiskPart successfully converted selected disk to MBR format”.

Step 7: exit

Watch Video Tutorial:

Fix: Windows Cannot be Installed to this disk

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