How to Create Professional XML Sitemap for Blogger

Learn How to Create Professional XML Sitemap for Blogger. Here in this post I’ll teach you how you can generate sitemap for your blog and submit to Google Search Engine. This is the very and most impotent part of SEO.

A sitemap is nothing but a map of all accessible pages of your site. Sitemap helps search engines robots like Google, Yahoo, Bing to easily crawl your web pages which is available to crawl.

As a blogger or site owner, you must have to create a sitemap for your blog to better index. In this post, we will see how to create a sitemap for Blogger and how to submit it to Google Webmaster Tool and robot.txt file. Without wasting any time let’s start.

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Default Blogger Sitemap:

By default, Your Blogger will have a sitemap but it has an issue that it only works for the recent posts on your blog. A perfect sitemap should have a list of all links available on your blog and which tell the search engines complete structure of your site.

How to create a XML Sitemap for Blogger?

There are many ways to create a xml sitemap for blogger but here have used a very simple trick to generate a xml sitemap for the blog which works for both self hosted blog and non self hosted. search engines about your sitemap.

If you are also a Blogger Or site Owner then you can create a perfect sitemap for your site. So follow the given Steps.

How to create a XML Sitemap for Blogger?

  1. First, Go to

  2. Enter your Site URL

    Enter your site URL in given field and click on More Options. You will see a drop-down menu Which is named as “Pages “Change Frequency” attribute” Choose it Always and then Click On Start.

  3. Generating a sitemap

    Now It is generating a sitemap for your Blog.

    Screenshot #2

Now Your Sitemap is generated you can download it by clicking VIEW SITEMAP DETAILS.

Screenshot #3
Screenshot #3

Now you can download it by click DOWNLOAD YOUR SITEMAP FILE.

Congrats, Now your sitemap is generated successfully.

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